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“what you’re getting for A Whataburger Menu Prices!” Yes, this is probably the first thought after you taste the famous burgers of Whataburger. The chain of restaurants has other mouthwatering comfort foods available. 

Are you eager to learn about all the items on the menu and their costs from Whataburger? Read on and find all the other details that are available.

Whataburger Menu Prices

“what you’re getting for AWhat- A Burger!” Yes, this is probably the first thought after you taste the famous burgers of Whataburger. The chain of restaurants has other mouthwatering comfort foods available. Are you eager to learn about all the items on the menu and their costs from Whataburger? Read on and find all the other details that are available.

The menu at Whataburger Menu Prices also includes hamburgers, salad, soup, chicken drinks and a variety of other food items. There’s also an additional menu for children and kids as well.

 Also, when it comes to costs, the menu prices at Whataburger aren’t that expensive when compare to competitors. Many also believe that the quality of the food offered by Whataburger Menu Prices is superior to other brands.

Whataburger Breakfast Menu

Whataburger Breakfast Menu

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Whataburger Burgers Menu

Whataburger Chicken Menu

Whataburger Fish Menu

Whataburger Kids Menu

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About Whataburger Menu Prices

There’s a reason that for the Whataburger chain’s name is because, as soon as you taste the first bite of their hamburger, you’ll think, “Oh, what a delicious burger!” The chain, in actual fact, was named after Paul Burton and Harmon Dobson for the reason that they wanted to create a hamburger that would provoke the same reaction. 

The first Whataburger was opened around 1950 and was located in Corpus Christi, Texas – and the number of restaurants has risen to more than 800 in April 2017 with the majority of its restaurants being located in the southeastern as well the southwest region of the United States.

One of the most appealing aspects of the chain is the reasonable price for Whataburger, allowing customers to take as many delicious burgers they like as they wish. The company’s primary focus has always been its beef as well as chicken, fish and hamburgers, and this has led to its dominance within its market. 

The burgers are renowned for their balanced mix of patties, buns and vegetables, as well as the sauce in addition to the fact that they’re large enough that two hands are required to hold these burgers.

Breakfast menus are available apart from the menu of hamburgers, like the Whataburger Jr., the Whatacatch the Whatachick’n, the Whatacatch, as well as the Justburger. Other sides like onion rings, French fries and salads are available, Whataburger Menu Prices.

Whataburger Menu History

Paul Burton and Harmon Dobson established the first Whataburger location in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1950. The chain now comprises more than 800 restaurants spread across the southwestern and southern United States; it’s considered a regional chain because of its geographical limitations. 

It’s the Dobson family is currently the proprietor and owner of the business and many of the establishments are franchised.

Whataburger Near Me

Whataburger Contact Information

Whataburger Corporate Office Address: 300 Concord Plaza Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78216

Whataburger Corporate Office Phone Number: (210) 476-6000

Whataburger Customer Care Contact Number: 1-800-6burger

You can contact the team of Whataburger by using the contact form on their website.

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Facebook: facebook.com/whataburger

Instagram: instagram.com/whataburger

Twitter: twitter.com/whataburger

Whataburger FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

a. What time does Whataburger open?

The restaurant is open all hours of the day. Because of its 24-hour operation, Whataburger has become one of the most sought-after spots to have an after-dinner snack. However, certain menu items can only be available during certain times.

b. What time does Whataburger close?

Whataburger doesn’t have a specific closing time since it’s open all hours of the day. The only days when Whataburger is closed are usually public holidays.

c. What can you get at Whataburger for 5 dollars?

Whataburger. The southern-based chain will warm your soul and your heart and comes with the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit dinner priced at less than $5, you’ll understand the reason why it’s dubbed “The Beyonce of Whataburger items.” It includes hashbrowns and your choice of coffee, soft drink or milk.

d. What is Whataburger chicken sandwich?

We’ve got you covered. The brand-new Whataburger Southern Bacon Chicken Sandwiches are also on sale for a short duration. You can choose between a cooked Chicken or Whatachick’n Filet, both topped by two slices of crispy bacon, smoky bacon and fresh slaw and southern-style condiment and pickles in Brioche buns.

e. What’s the healthiest thing to eat at Whataburger?

Most Nutritious Option
If you’re looking for the most healthy food at Whataburger and want to eat healthily, the garden salad’s fresh veggies are the best option. The item isn’t oily or fried (you can add grilling chicken to get extra protein If you’re a fan).

f. What’s the new sandwich at Whataburger?

What is the name of these three new sandwich options? According to a press announcement from Whataburger The new sandwiches include three: the Whataburger Southern Bacon Double and two different versions from The Whataburger Southern Bacon Chicken Sandwich that include a grill chicken fillet and another that comes with the popular Whatachick’n Fillet.

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