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Pizza Patron Menu Prices

Pizza Patron Menu: Pizza Patron is a pizza chain restaurant that is known for its public relations stunts, such as taking payments in Mexican pesos or offering customers who placed an order in Spanish the option of a large pizza for free.

While these were only limited-time offers but you still can get the pizza you want at a bargain price. Prices at Pizza Patron are affordable, and you can get nearly any size of pizza for less than $10.

Pizza Patron Menu Prices

In addition to pizza, they sell Paquetazos, which are basically bundles of pizza that come with wings, breadsticks, or a beverage (or any combination of them). 


Pizza Specials

La Patrona $8.99
La de Carnes $8.99
La Hawaiana $8.99
La Mexicana $8.99
Spinach Clásico $8.99
Chicken Bacon Clásico $8.99
Choriquezo $8.99
La Vegetariana $8.99
3 Meat Pizza $7.99
Pepperoni $5.49
Cheese $5.49
1 Topping $5.49
2 Topping $6.99
3 Topping $7.99
4 Topping $8.99
Unlimited Toppings $9.99

Pizza Patron Sides

Wings (Lime-n-Pepper, Buffalo or Garlic-con-Queso) $6.99
Wings (Lime-n-Pepper, Buffalo or Garlic-con-Queso) $8.99
Wings (Lime-n-Pepper, Buffalo or Garlic-con-Queso) $10.99

Pizza Patron Drinks

Soft Drink $1.59
Soft Drink $2.59
Aquafina Water $1.59
Gatorade $1.79

Pizza Patron Desserts

Dulce de Leche Churro $1.39
Dulce de Leche Churro $2.39

Pizza Patron Extras

Ranch Dip $0.69
Spicy Ranch Dip $0.69
Garlic Sauce Dip $0.69
Buffalo Sauce Dip $0.69
Jalapeño Cup $0.69
Parmesan Cup $0.69


The story of Pizza Patron Inc. is full of downs and ups since it opened in 1986. The restaurant earned a positive reputation among customers and the local population to become be a place where Mexican and Spanish tradition was not an issue. 

Pizza Patron Menu: The restaurant was founded by the founder of Italian native, Antonio Swad. Swad was the creator of the Wingstop brand.

Pizza Patron Inc. gets more popular in 2007 following a lengthy campaign to promote Pizza Pot Pesos. 

Antonio was hoping to establish the company as unique in America however, it only succeeded during a brief period. Customers could pay for pizzas using Mexican Presos. This poses an attack on headquarters from competitors. 

In 2012, the company launched Pizza for Favor created a campaign that attracted more than 80,000 people who could get pizza for free.

Pizza Patron Menu Prices


The menu at Pizza Patron is your expectation and is perfect to accommodate all requirements. You can expect all-inclusive meals including pizza Especiales and sides drinks and desserts. 

The pizza speciales includes La patrona as well as la Hawaina, La De Carnes and the Chicken Bacon Clasico, La Mexicana, La Vegetarina, and Spinach Clasico. On the side, look out for the Pollito Chicken, Lime-N-Pepper, and Ranch.

The cost for pizza patron’s Pizza Patron Menu is below $7.00 for each person. The price of drinks varies based on the kind of drink, for non-alcoholic drinks, prices range between $1.00 to $3.00 however for Aquafina water, it is about $3.00, and their sweat Gatorade costs are about $2.00. 

It is a great deal to your food and drinks. Do not leave the restaurant without looking over their desserts, such as Dulce de Leche Churro which costs around $2.00 per piece.

The ambiance of the company is lively and welcoming. The chairs are typical with their metallic look and the tables are made from natural wood. 

The cleanliness in the dining establishment has received negative reviews. Many customers have complained about the ants. Additionally, there are issues with the staff that many customers complain about.

Enjoy the milieu atmosphere of cool serving in Pizza Patron. Experience the service of their waiters and waitresses while eating. 

The chairs are so vibrant and will fit into your style and lifestyle. Talk about the table, you’ll be able to believe that they’re made of wood. Feel free to pay a visit to Pizza Patron for a pizza. 

They are open 24 hours a day regardless of the date or time. Overall, it’s a fantastic dining experience.

About Pizza Patron

The cost-effective Pizza Patron prices are among the factors behind the success of the company, particularly in establishing its customer base that is loyal. 

The pizza chain that is headquartered located in Dallas, Texas, has a loyal fan base throughout Arizona, Colorado, California as well as Illinois. 

The majority of the restaurants are located situated in Hispanic neighborhoods as its main customer base is Hispanics.

Pizza Patron Menu: Despite the numerous changes since its establishment back in 1986, the company remains focused on providing customers with greater pizza options for less money, or, as the original slogan states, “Mas Pizza. Menos Dinero”. 

There are other business models, including that of the Lista pizza program and the Pizza Patron Rapidito along with the Tiendita.

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