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On The Border Menu, The menu’s prices are affordable and reasonable. Food items are prepared with fresh, healthy ingredients that provide a delicious flavor. There are various categories like appetizers, combinations such as fajita grill, enchiladas, and many other options.

The On The Border kids menu gives the best options for quality tasty and enjoyable food. Lunch menus include the most popular items at a discounted price and it is delicious.

The menus are influenced by the dishes from South Texas and Mexico. The happy hour menu and outdoor dining have lured patrons for years.

On The Border Menu

They offer fresh-pressed tortillas, huge chips with salsa with mesquite-grilled meats, and fresh, natural ingredients. Their aim is to entertain their guests with an enjoyable time.

Menu Items Prices

On The Border Starters

Original Queso (Cup) $4.99
Original Queso (Bowl) $5.99
Guacamole Live! $8.99
Guacamole $6.49
Queso & Guacamole Duo $8.99
Border Sampler $12.99
Stacked Nachos $10.49
Stacked Nachos with Fajita Chicken $12.48
Stacked Nachos with Fajita Beef $13.48
Firecracker Stuffed Jalapeños $7.99
Beef or Chicken Empanadas $7.99
Fajita Chicken Quesadilla $10.29
Fajita Beef Quesadilla $10.79
Spinach & Mushroom Quesadilla $8.79
Brisket Quesadilla $10.49

On The Border Soups & Salads

On The Border Soups & Salads

Fajita Chicken Salad $10.49
Fajita Beef Salad $11.49
Grande Beef or Chicken Taco Salad $9.99
Mango Chicken Salad $9.99
Tex-Mex Cobb $10.49
Chicken Tortilla Soup (Cup) $4.49
Chicken Tortilla Soup (Bowl) $5.49

On The Border Enchiladas

Tres Beef w/ Chile Con Carne, Tres Chicken w/ Sour Cream Sauce, Tres Cheese & Onion w/ Chile Con Carne or Tres Spinach & Mushrooms w/ Sour Cream Sauce Enchilada $10.59
Border Smart Tomatillo Chicken or Spinach & Mushroom Enchiladas $8.99
Ranchiladas $15.39
Enchiladas Suizas $10.89

On The Border Fajita Grill

Mesquite-Grilled Chicken, Carnitas or Portobello & Grilled Vegetables Classic Fajita $13.99
Pick Two Classic Fajitas $13.99
Mesquite-Grilled Steak Classic Fajitas $14.99
Sautéed Shrimp Classic Fajitas $15.69
The Ultimate Fajita $15.99
Monterey Ranch Chicken Fajita $14.29
Border Smart℠ Grilled Chicken Fajitas $10.69
Classic Fajitas For Two $25.99

Create Your Own Combo at On The Border

Create Your Own Combo- Choose 2 $8.99
Create Your Own Combo- Choose 3 $10.59
Create Your Own Combo- Choose 4 $11.99

On The Border Tacos, Burritos Y Chimi’s

On The Border Tacos, Burritos Y Chimi’s

Southwest Chicken Tacos (2 Pc.) $9.89
Southwest Chicken Tacos (3 Pc.) $11.59
Street-Style Chicken Mini Tacos $10.49
Street-Style Beef Mini Tacos $11.49
DOS XX Fish Tacos (2 Pc.) $9.89
DOS XX Fish Tacos (3 Pc.) $11.59
Grilled Mahi Tacos (2 Pc.) $11.29
Grilled Mahi Tacos (3 Pc.) $12.99
Brisket Tacos (2 Pc.) $10.29
Brisket Tacos (3 Pc.) $11.89
Three-Sauce Fajita Chicken Burrito $10.89
Three-Sauce Fajita Beef Burrito $11.59
Beef or Chicken Burrito $10.19
Big Bordurrito Chicken $11.29
Big Bordurrito Beef $11.99
Beef or Chicken Chimichanga $10.19

On The Border Favorites

Superior Dinner $11.99
Grilled Mahi with Mango Salsa $13.99
Queso Chicken $11.49
Border Smart Mexican Grilled Chicken $11.29
Carne Asada $13.59

On The Border Border Bowls

Border Bowl Fajita Chicken $9.79
Border Bowl Fajita Steak $10.79
Border Bowl Portobello Mushroom $9.79
Border Bowl Shrimp $10.79

On The Border Lunch Menu

Chicken Fajitas $10.69
Beef Fajitas $11.69
Create Your Own Lunch $7.99
Grande Beef or Chicken Taco Salad (Lunch Price) $9.99
Fajita Chicken Quesadilla Combo $8.29
Brisket Quesadilla Combo $8.29
Spinach & Mushroom Quesadilla Combo $8.29
Fajita Steak Quesadilla Combo $8.79

On The Border Daily Specials

On The Border Daily Specials

Tuesday – Taco Fix (Soft or Crispy) $2.00
Wednesday – Chicken Fajita $7.99
Thursday – Grilled California Burrito $11.49
Saturday – Chimichurri Chicken & Shrimp $14.99
Sunday – Green Chile Carnitas Chimichanga $10.99

On The Border Desserts

Border Brownie Sundae $6.29
Caramel Churros $6.29
Two Sopapillas $1.99
Sopapillas $4.99

On The Border Sides & Add-Ons

Mexican or Cilantro Lime Rice $0.99
Black or Refried Beans $0.99
Sauteed or Grilled Vegetables $1.49
Mixed Cheese $0.99
Guacamole (Side) $0.99
Avocado Slices $0.99
Sour Cream $0.99
Side Salad $1.49
Grilled Shrimp Skewer (3 Pc.) $3.99
Chicken or Beef Taco (Crispy or Soft) $3.99
Beef or Chicken Empanada (2 Pc.) $3.99
Chicken Tortilla Soup w/ Entrée $3.99

On The Border Kid’s Menu

On The Border Kid’s Menu

Includes 1 Side.

Kid Build Your Own Mini Chicken or Beef Tacos $5.99
Kid Cheese, Chicken or Beef Enchilada Plate $4.99
Big Kid Beef Nachos – No Side $5.99
Big Kid Chicken Nachos – No Side $6.49
Kid Cheese Quesadilla $4.99
Kid Chicken Quesadilla $6.49
Kid Border Chicken Strips $4.99
Kid Corn Dog $4.99
Kids LiveWell Fajita Chicken Soft $5.99
Kids LiveWell Build Your Own Tacos $5.99

On The Border Menu: More than 30 years ago, three friends along with some Tequila, came up with the idea of sharing foods that were border-style with the rest of the world. In the month of October 1982, their first Borders restaurant opened at an intersection between Knox and Travis in Dallas, Texas. 

The company was a wholly-owned company until the year 2009 when it joined together with Brinker International.

The following year they were transferred by Golden Gate Capital. After four years, Golden Gate Capital sold the company to Border Holdings, an affiliate of the Argonne Capital Group. 

They were impressed by the unique restaurant and the atmosphere and wanted to make the chain more accessible across the country. They worked with the current management team to achieve this.

The year 2014 saw Ward Whitman was named CEO of the company. He has extensive knowledge of the business. Whitman understands the importance of brand recognition and management discipline and has a clear idea of achievement. 

Whitman is well-known for his commitment and is an effective team leader. He is always eager to tackle a new task.

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