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Imo’s Pizza Menu prices: are you in search of an establishment where you can eat pizza? If so, today we’ll tell our readers about Imo’s Pizza which specializes in St.

Louis-style pizzas salads, appetizers and salads desserts, and more. In addition, we will give you the contact information of the restaurant, its history, as well as Imo’s Pizza menu prices.

Imo’s Pizza Menu prices

If we think about the background of this restaurant, then it was established in St. Louis, Missouri in 1964 by Ed and Margie Imo. The restaurant has more than 100 restaurants and shops located in Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas, and its main office is located at 800 North 17th St, St. Louis, MO.


Imo’s Pizzas Menu

Build Your Own Pizza Small (10″) $9.30
Build Your Own Pizza Medium (12″) $11.60
Build Your Own Pizza Large (14″) $14.45
Build Your Own Pizza X Large (16″) $17.35
Deluxe Pizza Small (10″) $12.70
Deluxe Pizza Medium (12″) $16.20
Deluxe Pizza Large (14″) $19.95
Deluxe Pizza X Large (16″) $23.85
Veggie Pizza Small (10″) $12.70
Veggie Pizza Medium (12″) $16.20
Veggie Pizza Large (14″) $19.95
Veggie Pizza X Large (16″) $23.85
Cheese Pizza Small (10″) $9.30
Cheese Pizza Medium (12″) $11.60
Cheese Pizza Large (14″) $14.45
Cheese Pizza X Large (16″) $17.35
All Meat Pizza Small (10″) $12.70
All Meat Pizza Medium (12″) $16.20
All Meat Pizza Large (14″) $19.95
All Meat Pizza X Large (16″) $23.85
BBQ Chicken Pizza Small (10″) $12.70
BBQ Chicken Pizza Medium (12″) $16.20
BBQ Chicken Pizza Large (14″) $19.20
BBQ Chicken Pizza X Large (16″) $23.85
Egg-Ceptional Pizza Small (10″) $11.80
Egg-Ceptional Pizza Medium (12″) $14.95
Egg-Ceptional Pizza Large (14″) $18.65
Egg-Ceptional Pizza X Large (16″) $22.30

Imo’s Appetizers Menu

Garlic Bread $2.95
Garlic Cheese Bread $3.95
Breadsticks $3.45
Toasted Ravioli 10 Pc. $6.25
Toasted Ravioli 30 Pc. $16.95
Provel Cheese Bites 12 Pc. $4.25
Provel Cheese Bites 20 Pc. $6.25
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks 8 Pc. $6.25
Chicken Wings (Hot, BBQ, Hot Mustard, or Sweet & Tangy) 8 Pc. $8.95
Chicken Wings (Hot, BBQ, Hot Mustard, or Sweet & Tangy) 24 Pc. $22.95
Boneless Wings 8 Pc. $7.25
Boneless Wings 24 Pc. $20.95
Chicken Tenders Small $6.95
Chicken Tenders Large $17.95
Fries $2.95

Imo’s Salads Menu

House Salad Half (Side) $3.25
House Salad Whole (Meal) $5.95
House Salad Half Party Pan $17.95
Deluxe Salad Half (Side) $3.95
Deluxe Salad Whole (Meal) $6.45
Deluxe Salad Half Party Pan $19.95
Chef Salad Half (Side) $3.95
Chef Salad Whole (Meal) $6.95
Chef Salad Half Party Pan $24.95
Caesar Salad Half (Side) $3.25
Caesar Salad Whole (Meal) $5.50
Chicken Caesar Salad Half (Side) $3.95
Chicken Caesar Salad Whole (Meal) $7.25

Imo’s Pastas Menu

Imo’s Pastas Menu

Baked Lasagna $7.45
Baked Mostaccioli $6.95
Spaghetti $6.95
Mostaccioli $6.95
Spaghetti with Meatballs $6.95
Mostaccioli with Meatballs $6.95
Cannelloni Regular (2 Pc.) $6.95
Cannelloni Large (3 Pc.) $9.25
Imo’s Meatballs 1 Pc. $1.40
Imo’s Meatballs 2 Pc. $2.80
Imo’s Meatballs 3 Pc. $4.20
Imo’s Meatballs 4 Pc. $5.60

Imo’s Sandwiches Menu

Imo’s Extra Special Sandwich $6.65
Roast Beef Sandwich $6.65
Turkey Club Sandwich $6.65
Salami Sandwich $6.65
Ham Sandwich $6.65
Meatball Sandwich $6.65
Salsiccia Sandwich $6.65
Veggie Sandwich $6.65
BLT Sandwich $6.65
Crispy Chicken Sandwich $6.65
Turkey Sandwich $6.65

Imo’s Kids Meal Menu

Kids Pizza $5.50
Kids Toasted Ravioli $5.50
Kids Chicken Tenders $5.50

Imo’s Desserts Menu

CinnImos $2.95
Apple Crisp $1.95
Cheesecake $2.95

Imo’s Extra Dressings & Sauces Menu

Imo’s Extra Dressings & Sauces Menu

Imo’s Italian Dressing Bottle $2.95
Imo’s Vinaigrette Dressing Bottle $2.95

Imo’s Beverages Menu

Fountain Drink 16 oz. $1.50
Fountain Drink 32 oz. $1.95
Soft Drink 20 oz. Bottle $1.75
Soft Drink 2 Liter Bottle $2.95
Water Bottle $1.50
Apple, Fruit Punch, or Verry Berry Juice Box $0.75

Imo’s Pizza Menu Prices: The company was established in 1964 in St. Louis by a couple who were hardworkingly comprised of Ed Imo and Margie Imo.

After many years of Ed getting their takeaway dinners, an idea was brought for them to set up their own pizza shop but this one could deliver the pizza directly to your doorstep which was a novel idea that quickly attracted the attention of the locals.

The business began with a small establishment, which was only available during the evenings and was able to offer delivery or pick up and go choices. The reputation of their high-end delicious products and their efficiency couple quickly spread, and soon the business was an institution in the lives of families.

Because of their inexperience due to their lack of experience, the couple engaged a chef in order to perfect their recipes, and then provide their customers with the most amazing products. 

The recipe has been refined through the years, with its amazing thin crust, filled to the brim with toppings and delicious Provel cheese. It is a blend of cheddar Swiss Provolone and cheddar cheeses.

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Imo’s Pizza Contact Information

Imo’s Pizza Corporate Office Address- 800 North 17th Street
St. Louis, Missouri 63106

Imo’s Pizza Corporate Phone Number- +1 314-822-0443

You can also contact the team of Imo’s Pizza by using the contact form on their website.

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