Gigis Cupcakes Menu Prices 2021 Gigis Cupcakes Menu 2021

Gigis Cupcakes Menu Prices: Are you thinking of having cupcakes to make a miserable day seem less traumatic? The Gigi’s Cupcakes is the perfect spot to go. In this blog, I’m going to present to you the complete list of Gigi’s Cupcakes as well as the prices.

It’s Gigi’s Cupcakes menu offers a wide assortment of cupcakes like wedding cakes blueberry lemon Scarlett’s red velvet, and white midnight chocolate chip. If you’re not fond of cupcakes, then also try the macarons and cheesecakes.

In this post, I’ll provide you with the most current pricing of Gigi’s Cupcakes prices on the menu. Along with the menu, I will provide you with the Franchising Information, Contact Information, and the nutritional breakdown of the desserts that are on the menu. Gigi’s Cupcakes menu. Before we go through the items on your menu, figure out the history of Gigi’s Cupcakes.

Gigis Cupcakes Menu Prices

The Gigi’s Cupcakes is a bakery in the United States chain founded by Gina “Gigi” Butler in the year 2008. She is a passionate baker who loves baking and the art of learning secrets family recipes. She started one of the first stores called Gigi’s Cupcakes shop located in Nashville, Tennessee.

However, things didn’t go the way she had anticipated in the beginning. The banks were all unwilling to lend her money, and she eventually opened the first shop using cash from her personal credit card leaving her with only $33 to her name at the final.


Gigis Cupcakes Menu

Birthday Surprise $3.25
Candy Bar Crunch $3.25
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough $3.25
Cotton Candy $3.25
Double Stuff $3.25
Kentucky Bourbon $3.25
Merry Margarita $3.25
Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip $3.25
Miss Princess $3.25
Scarlett’s Red Velvet $3.25
Triple Chocolate Torte $3.25
Wedding Cake $3.25
White Midnight Magic $3.25

Gigi’s Cheesecakes Menu

Gigi’s Cheesecakes Menu

Chocolate Chocolate Chip $3.95
Classic $3.95
Key Lime Summer Only! $3.95
Turtle $3.95

Gigi’s Stuffed Cookies Menu

Chocolate Chip $3.95
Oatmeal $3.95
Peanut Butter $3.95
Snickerdoodle $3.95

Gigis Gluten-Free Cupcakes Menu

Birthday Surprise $3.25
Candy Bar Crunch $3.25
White Hot Chocolate $3.25

Gigis Mini Cupcakes Menu

Summer Mini Dozen $18.00
Assorted All Chocolate Cake Dozen $18.00
Assorted All White Cake Dozen $18.00
Assorted Variety Dozen $18.00

Gigis Cupcakes Menu Prices: Gigi’s Cupcakes menu offers a broad variety of cupcakes that are available in their selection. Apart from cupcakes on their menu, they include cookies and cheesecakes in addition.

The cupcakes come in a myriad of flavors. They include candy bar crunch as well as Scarlett’s red velvet. Triple chocolate torte as well as the chocolate chip cookie dough. Gluten-free cupcakes are also available and mini cupcakes are on the menu of Gigi’s Cupcakes menu.

Gigis Cupcakes Menu Prices 2021

Their products are freshly baked on a regular basis. A majority of their offerings are made by hand with cream and other things. They offer a variety of items to fit any occasion.

It’s Gigi’s Cupcakes menu prices are sensible, considering that the cupcakes will cost between $3 and $4.

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Gigi’s Cupcakes Nutrition Information

Gigi’s Cupcakes Corporate Office Address- 101 Creekstone Blvd. Franklin, Tennessee 37064

Gigi’s Cupcakes Corporate Phone Number- 1-615-567-6735

You can also contact the team of Gigi’s Cupcakes by using the contact form on their website.

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