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Fox’s Pizza Den Menu:The company has served fast food at “Our Den To Your Den” for over 40 years. Their pizzas have consistently been rated as one of the top pizzas in the world, and they have won many prizes throughout their lengthy tenure. 

They are committed to providing top-quality fresh, high-quality ingredients. They guarantee that their pizzas are filled with authentic, genuine cheese.

In addition to their signature menu, they also serve an array of delicious hoagies made of strombolis and the well-known “wedgies,” sandwiches that make use of pizza bases instead of bread. 

Everything they offer is created from scratch and is created using dough that is hand-tossed. Fox’s Pizza has consistently provided tasty, inexpensive, and efficient fast food when you visit our restaurant.

Fox’s Pizza Den Menu

Are you trying to find the most recent Fox’s Pizza Den menu prices online? If so, the site of the food is right for you. In this article, I will give you the most recent Foodxp Fox’s Pizza Den menu with prices. However, the menu isn’t the only thing I’ll inform you about within this article.

Fox’s Pizza Den Fox’s Pizza Den is known for its finger food selections like pizza, appetizers, and side dishes such as salads, hoagies, salads wedgies pasta, stromboli, and desserts. The most popular dish in their restaurant is gourmet pizza, which is priced at around $40.00.

In addition to the prices on the menu, I’ll give you Franchising Details and Contact Details and the nutritional breakdown of the food items at the top of menus at the Food menu of Fox’s Pizza Den menu. Before we go through the menu, let’s learn some background information regarding the Fox’s Pizza Den.


Fox’s Pizza Den Pizza Menu

One Topping Pizza (4-Cut) Small $8.39
One Topping Pizza (8-Cut) Medium $12.99
One Topping Pizza (10-Cut) Large $14.99
One Topping Pizza (12-Cut) X-Large $17.49
One Topping Pizza (21-Cut) Big Daddy $20.99
One Topping Pizza (52-Cut) The BIG One! $44.99
Each Topping for Small Pizza $1.30
Each Topping for Medium Pizza $1.90
Each Topping for Large Pizza $2.00
Each Topping for X-Large Pizza $2.40
Each Topping for Big Daddy Rectangle Pizza $2.50
Each Topping for The Big One Pizza $5.00

Fox’s Pizza Den Double Deals Menu

One Topping Pizza
Two Pizzas Small $14.49
Two Pizzas Medium $19.59
Two Pizzas Large $22.59
Two Pizzas X-Large $25.99
Two Pizzas Big Daddy $30.99
Two Pizzas The BIG One! $77.99

Fox’s Pizza Den Gourmet Pizza Menu

Fox’s Pizza Den Gourmet Pizza Menu

Gourmet Pizza Small $10.39
Gourmet Pizza Medium $15.99
Gourmet Pizza Large $18.99
Gourmet Pizza X-Large $21.49
Gourmet Pizza Big Daddy $25.99
Gourmet Pizza The BIG One! $59.99

Fox’s Pizza Den Hoagies & Wedgies Menu

Hoagie 6 1/2 in. $5.49
Hoagie 13 in. $9.49
Wedgie $8.49

 Fox’s Pizza Den Sides Menu

Wing Ditties & Boneless Wings 1/2 Dozen $5.49
Wing Ditties & Boneless Wings Dozen $8.49
Wing Ditties & Boneless Wings 4 Dozen $29.99
Wing Ditties & Boneless Wings 8 Dozen $55.99
Ranch or Blue Cheese $0.79
Bread Sticks $4.99
Bread Sticks with Cheese $5.99
Pepperoni Bites $6.99
Toasted Ravioli 1/2 Dozen $5.49
Toasted Ravioli Dozen $6.99
Potate Wedge Fries $2.29

Fox’s Pizza Den Salads Menu

Tossed Salad $5.39
Chef Salad $6.39
Chicken Fry Salad $7.29
Steak Fry Salad $7.29
Buffalo Chicken Salad $7.29
Taco Salad $7.29
Chicken Taco Salad $7.29
Southwest Chicken Salad $7.29
Banquet Salad Small $23.99
Banquet Salad Large $34.99

Fox’s Pizza Den Stromboli Menu 

Fox’s Pizza Den Stromboli Menu 

Stromboli Small $8.39
Stromboli Medium $12.99
Stromboli Large $14.99
Stromboli X-Large $17.49
Side of Sauce $0.79

Fox’s Pizza Den Desserts Menu

New York Style Cheesecake $2.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.19
Cinnamon Sticks $5.49

Fox’s Pizza Den Menu is widely popular for its pizzas. The Fox’s Pizza Den also includes strombolis salads, sandwiches, salads hoagies, wedgies and sides desserts, drinks, and desserts. But the main highlight of the menu at Fox’s Pizza Den menu is their pizzas.

The pizzas are available in various sizes. At the Fox’s Pizza Den, pizza sizes are generally referred to as. For example, bambino is the four” pizza, small is used for a 9″ pizza, medium pizza is for twelve” pizza, large is used for a 14″ pizza, and the extra-large size is used to create the “16 pizza.

The toppings for the pizza are chicken, pepperoni meatballs, steaks, and mushrooms, as well as jalapeno peppers, pineapples, and other toppings. The products offered in their Pizza Den at Fox’s Pizza Den are hand-made with only the freshest ingredients.

It is worth noting that the Fox’s Pizza Den menu prices are quite reasonable when compared with other pizza chains with big names.

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Fox’s Pizza Den Corporate Phone Number- +1 724-733-7888

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