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Donatos Pizza Menu Prices: Explore the entire menu of Donatos Pizza Subs Salads. If available, we will provide images, ratings for dishes, and descriptions of each item on the menu as well as the price. You can use this menu information as a reference point However, please keep in mind that as time passes, the prices of menu items and their descriptions can be changed without notifying our website.

Donatos Pizza Menu Prices

This company has been operating in the pizza business for more than 50 years, making its own recipe. Their thin crust-filled “edge to edge” with the choice of toppings available has earned them the reputation of being one of the largest chains in the world. With their wide variety of flavors, You’ll surely find something you’ll love.

Donatos Pizza they are concentrated on providing top-quality products. All of their products are made with fresh, delicious ingredients that are prepared by hand in their store daily. You can take them out or eat inside and the employees are the most welcoming around, so you’ll be awed by every moment of your Donatos Pizza experience wherever you choose to eat it.


Donatos Pizzas Menu

Build Your Own Pizza Individual (7″) $4.79
Build Your Own Pizza Medium (12″) $10.99
Build Your Own Pizza Large (14″) $13.89
Pepperoni Bacon Duo Pizza Individual (7″) $5.79
Pepperoni Bacon Duo Pizza Medium (12″) $11.99
Pepperoni Bacon Duo Pizza Large (14″) $14.89
Serious Cheese™ Pizza Individual (7″) $4.79
Serious Cheese™ Pizza Medium (12″) $10.99
Serious Cheese™ Pizza Large (14″) $13.89
Pepperoni Pizza Individual (7″) $4.79
Pepperoni Pizza Medium (12″) $10.99
Pepperoni Pizza Large (14″) $13.89
The Works™ Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
The Works™ Pizza Medium (12″) $13.89
The Works™ Pizza Large (14″) $16.79
Classic Trio® Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
Classic Trio® Pizza Medium (12″) $13.89
Classic Trio® Pizza Large (14″) $16.79
Vegy™ Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
Vegy™ Pizza Medium (12″) $13.89
Vegy™ Pizza Large (14″) $16.79
Founders Favorite® Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
Founders Favorite® Pizza Medium (12″) $13.89
Founders Favorite® Pizza Large (14″) $16.79
Serious Meat™ Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
Serious Meat™ Pizza Medium (12″) $13.89
Serious Meat™ Pizza Large (14″) $16.79
Hawaiian™ Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
Hawaiian™ Pizza Medium (12″) $13.89
Hawaiian™ Pizza Large (14″) $16.79
Mariachi™ Beef Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
Mariachi™ Beef Pizza Medium (12″) $13.89
Mariachi™ Beef Pizza Large (14″) $16.79
Mariachi™ Chicken Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
Mariachi™ Chicken Pizza Medium (12″) $13.89
Mariachi™ Chicken Pizza Large (14″) $16.79
Fresh Mozzarella Trio™ Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
Fresh Mozzarella Trio™ Pizza Medium (12″) $13.89
Fresh Mozzarella Trio™ Pizza Large (14″) $16.79
Margherita Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
Margherita Pizza Medium (12″) $13.89
Margherita Pizza Large (14″) $16.79
Pepperoni Zinger™ Pizza Individual (7″) $5.39
Pepperoni Zinger™ Pizza Medium (12″) $12.29
Pepperoni Zinger™ Pizza Large (14″) $15.59
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella™ Pizza Individual (7″) $5.89
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella™ Pizza Medium (12″) $13.89
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella™ Pizza Large (14″) $16.79

Donatos Pizza Gluten-Free Pizzas Menu

Take & Bake
Gluten-Free Pepperoni Pizza Medium (12″) $13.89
Gluten-Free Cheese Pizza Medium (12″) $13.89

Donatos Pizza Sub Menu

Big Don Italian Sub $6.19
Big Ham and Cheese Sub $6.19
Big Don Marinara Sub $6.19
Meatball Sub $6.19
Turkey Club Sub $6.19
Chicken Bacon Cheddar Sub $6.19
Vegy Sub $6.19
Buffalo Chicken Sub $6.19

Donatos Pizza Salads Menu

Caprese Side Salad $2.99
Italian Side Salad $2.99
Italian Chef Entree Salad $6.99
Chicken Harvest Entree Salad $6.99
Italian Chef Party Salad $22.99
Chicken Harvest Party Salad $24.99
Italian Garden Party Salad $19.99

Donatos Pizza Starters Menu

Asiago Brick Street Bread $3.99
Garlic Brick Street Bread $3.99
Boneless Wings Side (6 Pc.) $4.29
Boneless Wings Full (12 Pc.) $7.69
Boneless Wings Party (30 Pc.) $17.89
Traditional Wings Side (5 Pc.) $4.29
Traditional Wings Full (10 Pc.) $7.69
Traditional Wings Party (25 Pc.) $17.89
3 Cheese Garlic Bread on White $2.99
3 Cheese Garlic Bread on Wheat $2.99
Italian Breadsticks Side (2 Pc.) $1.79
Italian Breadsticks Full (6 Pc.) $3.29

Donatos Pizza Beverages Menu

Soft Drink 20 oz. Bottle $1.79
Soft Drink 2 Liter Bottle $2.89
Aquafina Water 20 oz. Bottle $1.79

Donatos Pizza Desserts Menu

Cinnamon Brick Street Bread $3.99
Cinnamon Twist 2 Pc. $1.29
Cinnamon Twist 6 Pc. $2.99
Apple Crisp Timpano $5.99
Cinnamon Crisp Timpano $5.99
Chocolate Chunk Cookie 1 Pc. $0.99
Chocolate Chunk Cookie 12 Pc. $10.00

Donatos Pizza Stromboli Menu

Build Your Own Stromboli $5.99
Pepperoni Stromboli $5.99
Deluxe Stromboli $5.99
Three Meat Stromboli $5.99
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If you are a fan of pizzas that are delicious, then Donatos will be the perfect place for you since they offer many pizza varieties including pepperoni pizza classic meat pizza, serious tri-pizza Margherita pizzas, and many more.

Don’t like pizzas? Try their oven-baked pizzas as well as calzone, wings, and sharing options. For those who like to eat healthily, you can choose Caprese salad as a side dish, chicken Caprese salad for entrees, Italian chef salad, and many more.

Donatos Pizza Menu Prices: You can also create your own pizza option on the menu, too. Donatos Pizza menu prices are extremely affordable in comparison to other pizza establishments. Therefore, without further delay take a look at the most current Donatos Pizza menu with prices.

Donatos Pizza Contact Information

Donatos Pizza Corporate Office Address- 935 Taylor Station RoadColumbus, OH 43230USA

Donatos Pizza Corporate Phone Number- (614) 416-7700

You can also contact the team of Donatos Pizza by using the contact form on their website.

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