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Costa Vida Menu: Are you planning on visiting a Mexican restaurant and are looking for the most current Costa Vida menu prices on the web? If so, then you’re in the right spot. In this post, I’ll provide you with the latest Costa Vida menu with prices.

Costa Vida Menu

If you’re in search of authentic coastal Mexican food, then Costa Vida is the place to be. Costa Vida’s restaurant draws its inspiration from this part of the world. Their extensive menu offers the finest of Mexican food, without needing to leave your home state. This fast-casual chain has seen a significant increase since the time they opened, in large part because of their dedication to high-quality food.

Their motto”new and fresh” is “made with passion, from scratch, every day” and that is their standard offering. Every single item on their menu is created from scratch in-house, using only the freshest and highest high-quality ingredients and proteins. This process allows the chain to produces some of the best tasting authentic Tex-Mex food you can find out of Mexico.


Costa Vida Burritos Menu

Burrito (Sweet Pork) $7.49
Burrito (Shredded Beef) $7.49
Burrito (Grilled Chicken) $7.49
Burrito (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken) $8.49
Burrito (Grilled Steak) $8.99
Burrito (Bean and Cheese) $6.49

Costa Vida Salads Menu

Salad (Sweet Pork) Small $6.99
Salad (Sweet Pork) Regular $8.29
Salad (Shredded Beef) Small $6.99
Salad (Shredded Beef) Regular $8.29
Salad (Grilled Steak) Small $8.49
Salad (Grilled Steak) Regular $9.79
Salad (Grilled Chicken) Small $6.99
Salad (Grilled Chicken) Regular $8.29
Salad (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken) Small $7.99
Salad (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken) Regular $9.29
Salad (Beans and Cheese) Small $5.99
Salad (Beans and Cheese) Regular $7.29

Costa Vida Enchiladas Menu

Enchiladas (Sweet Pork) 1 Pc. $5.79
Enchiladas (Sweet Pork) 2 Pc. $7.79
Enchiladas (Shredded Beef) 1 Pc. $5.79
Enchiladas (Shredded Beef) 2 Pc. $7.79
Enchiladas (Grilled Chicken) 1 Pc. $5.79
Enchiladas (Grilled Chicken) 2 Pc. $7.79
Enchiladas (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken) 1 Pc. $6.79
Enchiladas (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken) 2 Pc. $8.79
Enchiladas (Grilled Steak) 1 Pc. $7.29
Enchiladas (Grilled Steak) 2 Pc. $9.29
Enchiladas (Cheese) 1 Pc. $4.79
Enchiladas (Cheese) 2 Pc. $6.79

Costa Vida Tacos Menu

Tacos (Sweet Pork) 1 Pc. $5.79
Tacos (Sweet Pork) 2 Pc. $7.79
Tacos (Shredded Beef) 1 Pc. $5.79
Tacos (Shredded Beef) 2 Pc. $7.79
Tacos (Grilled Chicken) 1 Pc. $5.79
Tacos (Grilled Chicken) 2 Pc. $7.79
Tacos (Raspberry Chicken) 1 Pc. $6.79
Tacos (Raspberry Chicken) 2 Pc. $8.79
Tacos (Grilled Steak) 1 Pc. $7.29
Tacos (Grilled Steak) 2 Pc. $9.29
Tacos (Sweet Baja Shrimp) 1 Pc. $7.29
Tacos (Sweet Baja Shrimp) 2 Pc. $9.29

Costa Vida Quesadillas Menu

Quesadillas (Sweet Pork) $7.79
Quesadillas (Shredded Beef) $7.79
Quesadillas (Grilled Chicken) $7.79
Quesadillas (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken) $8.79
Quesadillas (Grilled Steak) $9.29
Quesadillas (Cheese) $6.79

Costa Vida Nachos Menu

Nachos (Sweet Pork) Small $6.49
Nachos (Sweet Pork) Regular $8.49
Nachos (Grilled Chicken) Small $6.49
Nachos (Grilled Chicken) Regular $8.49
Nachos (Shredded Beef) Small $6.49
Nachos (Shredded Beef) Regular $8.49
Nachos (Grilled Steak) Small $7.99
Nachos (Grilled Steak) Regular $9.99
Nachos (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken) Small $7.49
Nachos (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken) Regular $9.49
Nachos (Cheese) Small $5.49
Nachos (Cheese) Regular $7.49

Costa Vida Baja Bowl Menu

Baja Bowl (Grilled Chicken) $5.99
Baja Bowl (Shredded Beef) $5.99
Baja Bowl (Grilled Steak) $6.49
Baja Bowl (Sweet Pork) $5.99
Baja Bowl (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken) $6.99
Baja Bowl (Beans and Cheese) $5.99

Costa Vida Specialties Menu

Mango Chicken Salad Small $7.99
Mango Chicken Salad Regular $9.29
Sweet Shrimp Salad Small $8.49
Sweet Shrimp Salad Regular $9.79
Sweet Shrimp Tacos 1 Pc. $7.29
Sweet Shrimp Tacos 2 Pc. $9.29
Fajita Burrito (Chicken) $8.49
Fajita Burrito (Steak) $10.29
Fajita Quesadilla (Chicken) $8.99
Fajita Quesadilla (Steak) $10.49
Fajita Taco (Chicken) 1 Pc. $6.29
Fajita Taco (Chicken) 2 Pc. $8.29
Fajita Taco (Steak) 1 Pc. $6.99
Fajita Taco (Steak) 2 Pc. $10.29

Costa Vida Kid Meals Menu

Kids Quesadilla $3.99
Kids Taco $3.99
Kids Enchilada $3.99

Costa Vida Other Choices Menu

Chicken Tortilla Soup $3.99
Chips & Queso $4.49
Chips & Fresh Guacamole $4.49
Chips & Salsa $2.99
Chips & Beans $2.99
Beans $1.39
Cilantro Lime Rice $1.39
Extra Guacamole $0.99
Extra Sour Cream $0.50
Extra Tortilla Small $0.25
Extra Tortilla Large $0.50
Extra Dressing $0.99
Extra Salsa $0.99
Extra Queso $0.99
Extra Sauce $1.99

Costa Vida Drinks Menu

Bottled Water $1.79
Bottled Beverage $2.39
Fountain Drink Regular $1.99
Fountain Drink Large $2.29

Costa Vida Desserts Menu

Flan $3.49
Tres Leches $3.49
Key Lime Pie $3.49
Sweet Cinnamon Tortilla $0.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie $0.99

Costa Vida Daily Specials Menu

Monday – Small Chicken Salad $7.49
Tuesday – 2 Pork Enchiladas $7.49
Wednesday – 2 Chicken Enchiladas $7.49
Thursday – Small Pork Salad $7.49
Friday – Grilled Chicken Burrito $7.49
Saturday – Shredded Beef Burrito $7.49

Costa Vida’s menu offers various burritos, tacos, nachos, and enchiladas as well as quesadillas, salads desserts, appetizers, specialties along with a selection of drinks. There’s also an additional menu for children too.

They are known for their burritos, and many suggest their burritos with grilled steak. They make sure to make use of the freshest ingredients in their food items to give you the most nutritious Tex-Mex food you can get.

Costa Vida’s motto is “made with passion, from scratch, every day,” and that’s the mission of the company to do every day. Its Costa Vida menu prices are extremely affordable in comparison to similar Mexican food chains that are available in the market.

You can have an acceptable meal at around $8. So, with no delay take a look at Costa Vida’s menu. Costa Vida menu with prices.

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Cosa Vida Corporate Office Address- 3451 N Triumph Blvd, Suite 105 Lehi, UT 84043

Costa Vida Corporate Phone Number- 801.797.2374

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