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Cosi Menu Prices: Have you heard of the famous flatbread that is served at Cosi? If so then you need to visit there. If you’re looking for the menu, then you must go through the menus of Cosi menus on the internet. You’ve arrived at the right spot! In this article, I’ll inform you about the most recent Cosi menu and price.

The menu at Cosi offers lots of lunch, breakfast, and dinner choices. The menu offers Tuscan family-style pizzas as well as sandwiches, salads soups, boxed lunches snacks, and coffee. For breakfast, they offer bacon, eggs, and cheese. They also serve sausage, egg and cheese, oatmeal, and more.

Cosi Menu Prices

In addition to the menu, I’ll provide you with information about franchising and information about contact information, and the nutrition breakdown of the dishes that are within Cosi’s menu. Cosi menu. Before we get to this menu learn some background information about Cosi.

Cosi is a fast-casual eatery chain founded by Drew Harre in 1996. The first location of Cosi was launched on the streets of New York City, the United States famous for its bread.

Cosi offers Cosi is offering the Smart Fit Menu to its customers. It includes low-calorie foods and fruits vegetables, as well as whole grains. The food served at Cosi is delicious and simple. Due to the decor in the rooms, contemporary lighting, and the neat modernized service areas, You’ll feel as if you’re inside the inside of a Parisian shop.


Cosi Breakfast Menu Prices

Santa Fe Wrap $3.69
Steak & Egg Wrap $3.39
Spinach Florentine Wrap $3.49
Squagel $0.99
Signature Squagels $1.19
Cream Cheese Squagel 8 oz. $2.59
Squagel Baker’s Dozen 13 Pc. $8.99
Sausage & Pepper Frittata Sandwich $3.59
Western Croissant Sandwich $3.59
Cosi Club Squagel $3.59
T.B.M. Squagel $3.59
Make Your Own Omelette Sandwich – Croissant $3.89
Make Your Own Omelette Sandwich – Squagel $3.59
Oatmeal Regular $3.19
Oatmeal Large $3.49
Ancient Grain Oatmeal Regular $3.39
Ancient Grain Oatmeal Large $3.69
Chia Shots (Guava, Cappuccino or Nutella) $2.29
Break Bar $2.19
Harvest Mix $1.99
Yogurt Parfait (Strawberry or Banana Foster) $2.99
Greek Yogurt Parfait with Mandarin & Mango $3.29
Fruit Salad $2.69
Pico de Gallo Egg White Cup $3.49
Florentine Egg White Cup $3.49

Cosi Sandwiches Menu Prices

T.B.M. Half $5.19
T.B.M. Whole $7.99
Chicken T.B.M. Half $5.99
Chicken T.B.M. Whole $7.99
Cosi Club Half $5.79
Cosi Club Whole $7.79
Buffalo Bleu Half $5.79
Buffalo Bleu Whole $7.79
Turkey & Brie Half $5.79
Turkey & Brie Whole $7.99
Tuscan Pesto Chicken Half $5.99
Tuscan Pesto Chicken Whole $7.99
Tandoori Chicken Half $5.79
Tandoori Chicken Whole $7.99
Turkey Light Half $4.69
Turkey Light Whole $6.29
Turkey Avocado Half $5.99
Turkey Avocado Whole $7.99
Hummus & Veggies Half $4.79
Hummus & Veggies Whole $6.49
Pork Belly Banh Mi Half $6.29
Pork Belly Banh Mi Whole $8.49

Cosi Melts Menu Prices

Chicken T.B.M. Melt Half $6.09
Chicken T.B.M. Melt Whole $8.19
Bacon Turkey & Cheddar Melt Half $5.99
Bacon Turkey & Cheddar Melt Whole $7.99
Pesto Chicken Melt Half $5.99
Pesto Chicken Melt Whole $7.99
Tuna Melt Half $5.99
Tuna Melt Whole $7.99
T.B.M Melt Half $5.79
T.B.M Melt Whole $7.79
Steakhouse Gorgonzola Melt Half $6.29
Steakhouse Gorgonzola Melt Whole $8.49

Cosi Salads Menu Prices

Smart Fit Salad Half $6.39
Smart Fit Salad Whole $8.59
Signature Salad Half $6.19
Signature Salad Whole $8.29
Chicken Caesar Half $6.29
Chicken Caesar Whole $8.39
Cosi Cobb Half $6.29
Cosi Cobb Whole $8.39
Shanghai Chicken Half $6.19
Shanghai Chicken Whole $8.39
Greek Salad Half $5.59
Greek Salad Whole $7.49
Tandoori Chicken Salad Half $6.19
Tandoori Chicken Salad Whole $8.29
Asian Salmon Salad Half $7.19
Asian Salmon Salad Whole $9.49
Adobo Lime Chicken Salad Half $6.19
Adobo Lime Chicken Salad Whole $8.29
Peruvian Palm Salad Half $6.19
Peruvian Palm Salad Whole $9.49
Caesar Salad Half $5.19
Caesar Salad Whole $6.99

Cosi Soups Menu Prices

Chicken Noodle Regular $3.99
Chicken Noodle Large $5.09
Tomato Basil Regular $3.99
Tomato Basil Large $5.09
Turkey Chili Regular $3.99
Turkey Chili Large $5.09
Italian Wedding Soup Regular $3.99
Italian Wedding Soup Large $5.09

Cosi Flatbread Pizza Menu Prices

Chicken Margherita Regular $7.99
Chicken Margherita Large $13.99
Margherita Regular $7.49
Margherita Large $12.99
Traditional Cheese Regular $6.99
Traditional Cheese Large $9.99
Pepperoni Regular $7.29
Pepperoni Large $11.99
Smoky BBQ Chicken Regular $7.99
Smoky BBQ Chicken Large $13.99

Cosi Bowls Menu Prices

Adobo Chicken with Avocado Bowl $8.99
Golden Beet Citrus Bowl $8.69
Macaroni & Cheese Regular $5.39
Macaroni & Cheese Large $6.69

Cosi Kids Menu Prices

Gooey Grilled Cheese $4.99
Gooey Ham & Cheese $4.99
Cheese Flatbread Pizza $4.99
Pepperoni Flatbread Pizza $4.99
Kids Turkey Sandwich $4.99
Kids Tuna Sandwich $4.99

Cosi Cold Beverages Menu Prices

Soft Drink Bottle $1.99
Spindrift Bottle $2.89
Polar Frost or Pelligrino Bottle $2.29
Aquafina Bottle $1.99
Cosi or Raspberry Iced Tea $2.29
Cosi, Mojito or Raspberry Mojito Lemonade $2.29
Iced Signature Coffee Tall $1.99
Iced Signature Coffee Grande $2.19
Iced Signature Coffee Gigante $2.39
Orange Juice $1.99

Cosi Hot Beverages Menu Prices

Xando Blend Coffee (Regular or Decaf) Tall $1.99
Xando Blend Coffee (Regular or Decaf) Grande $2.19
Xando Blend Coffee (Regular or Decaf) Gigante $2.39
Hot Tea $2.19
Hot Chocolate $3.29
Shot in the Dark Tall $2.29
Shot in the Dark Grande $2.49
Shot in the Dark Gigante $2.69

Cosi Espresso Beverages Menu Prices

Cappuccino or Latte Tall $3.29
Cappuccino or Latte Grande $3.69
Cappuccino or Latte Gigante $3.99
Caffe Mocha Tall $3.69
Caffe Mocha Grande $4.19
Caffe Mocha Gigante $4.39
Caffe Americano Tall $1.99
Caffe Americano Grande $2.19
Caffe Americano Gigante $2.59
Caramel Latte Tall $3.69
Caramel Latte Grande $4.09
Caramel Latte Gigante $4.39
Espresso Solo $1.99
Espresso Doppio $2.19

Cosi Desserts and Snacks Menu Prices

Biscotti or Chocolate Biscotti $1.99
Bread Pudding $1.99
Pound Cake (Classic, Marble or Iced Lemon) $2.49
Crumb Cake $1.99
Gummy Bears $2.99
Hardboiled Eggs 2 Pc. $1.89
Chocolate Covered Pretzels $2.99
Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans $3.99
Potato Chips or Baby Carrots $1.19

Cosi Flatbread Menu Prices

Bread (Original or Multi-grain) Slice $0.99
Bread (Original or Multi-grain) Loaf $3.49

Cosi’s menu includes a diverse variety of lunch, breakfast, and dinner options. It includes salads, sandwiches breakfast, melts, soups drinks, flatbread pizza desserts, snacks, and many more items.

They also have a separate menu just for youngsters. However, Cosi is well-known because of its bread. They’re delicious and freshly made. Cosi freshly prepares its flatbread at least every twenty minutes. So, each customer receives fresh flatbread.

Cosi also prepares its food using only the best organic ingredients that are available. Cosi constantly strives to be innovative with its food products and hopes to impress its customers by offering new creative recipes.

Cosi Menu prices are quite affordable. You can eat a decent meal for about $9.

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Cosi Contact Information

Cosi Corporate Office Address- 2 Seaport Ln, Boston, MA 02210, USA

Cosi Corporate Phone Number- 847-597-8800

You can also contact the team of Cosi by using the contact form on their website.

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