Chuy’s Menu Prices 2022 Chuy’s Menu 2022

Chuy’s Menu Prices: Chuy’s Restaurant was founded in Texas in 1982 founded by founders John Zapp and Mike Young. Chuy’s has been operating until today. Their menu is referred to as Tex-Mex which is because of the flavor and dishes they employ.

Chuy’s Menu Prices

 Chuy’s restaurant concentrates on serving original home-cooked food items primarily of which originate from Mexico.

The name implies that the ingredients they use come from Mexico from towns such as the Rio Grande, deep South Texas, Austin, and beyond. Chuy’s aim is to provide high-quality and fresh food items that are fresh and of high quality. 

This is the reason that the manufacturing of their products is performed by experts, and even the ingredients are fresh and fresh each day and are never frozen.

Menu Items Prices

Chuy’s Appetizers Menu

Chile Con Queso $6.99
Queso Compuesto $7.49
Guacamole $6.29
Nachos $7.69
Special Nachos $8.99
Panchos $9.99
Quesadillas $7.59
Deluxe Quesadillas $8.99
Appetizer Plate $10.49

Chuy’s Soups & Salads Menu

Taco Salad $9.49
Grilled Chicken Salad $9.69
Mexi-Cobb Salad $9.89
Large Dinner Salad $4.99
Tortilla Soup (Small) $4.59
Tortilla Soup (Large) $7.59
Tex-Mex Salad Combinations – Large Dinner Salad with Enchilada, Mini Burrito, Deluxe Quesadillas or Tortilla Soup $8.99

Chuy’s Famous Burritos Menu

Bean & Cheese $8.89
Seasoned Ground Sirloin $9.29
Fresh, Oven-Roasted Chicken $9.99
Fajita Chicken or Fajita Beef $10.69

Chuy’s Tacos Menu

Soft Tacos $8.99
Crispy Tacos $8.79
Tacos Al Carbon $10.29
Baja Tacos $9.99

Chuy’s House Specialties Menu

Cheese Chile Rellenos $9.89
Seasoned Ground Sirloin Chile Rellenos $9.99
Fresh, Oven-Roasted Chicken & Cheese Chile Rellenos $9.99
Shrimp & Cheese Chile Rellenos $10.19
Chuychanga $10.69
Steak Burrito $10.99
Chicken Flautas $8.79
Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken $10.39

Chuy’s Enchiladas Menu

Add a Crispy Taco & Guacamole to any Entrée for an additional $3.29
Stacked Enchiladas $9.59
Classic Tex-Mex $9.29
Chicka-Chicka Boom-Boom $10.89
Veggie $8.89
Deluxe Chicken $9.79
Southwestern $9.99
Custom Enchiladas $9.79

Chuy’s Fajitas Menu

Beef (For One) $14.89
Beef (For Two) $26.99
Chicken (For One) $13.89
Chicken (For Two) $25.69
Combo (For One) $14.39
Combo (For Two) $26.49

Combinations Menu

Comida Deluxe $11.29
The Elvis Presley Memorial Combo $11.69
Taco & Enchilada $8.99
Relleno & Enchilada $9.69
Chalupa & Enchilada $9.29
Enchilada, Taco & Chalupa $10.39
Vegetarian Combo $8.99

Lite Combos Menu

Chuy’s Lite Plate $6.99
Chicken Combo $8.29

Chuy’s Kids Menu

All kid’s meals come with a Drink & Dessert.

Kid Cheese Dillas with French Fries or Macaroni $4.99
Kid Cheeseburger with French Fries $4.99
Chicken Nuggets with French Fries or Macaroni $4.99
Kid Mini Burrito with Rice $4.99
Mini Crispy Tacos with Rice & Beans (3 Pc.) $4.99
Kid Enchilada with Rice & Benas $4.99

Drinks Menu

Signature Margaritas

Chuy’s Famous Rita – Rocks, Frozen, Strawberry, Swirl or Dot $6.39
Make It A Grande (18 oz.) $9.39
Father Agave $9.39
Grand Ma’s Rockin’ Rita $9.69
Chuy’s Deluxe Rita $12.79
The Perfect Margarita $8.99
Top-Shelf Skinny Rita $9.39
Flavored Rocks Rita – Blackberry, Watermelon, Blood Orange or Pomegranate $7.99

Texas Martinis Menu

The Original $9.69
New Mexican $9.99
Spicy Cucumber $9.99
Strawberry (Texas Martini) $10.99

Build Your Own Menu

Rita $9.79
TX Tini $12.49

Chuy’s Classics Menu

La Piña Colada $8.79
Sangria $6.29
Tito’s Bloody Mary $6.29

Mojitos Menu

Classic Mojito $7.29
Strawberry Mojito $7.79

White Wines Menu

Canyon Road Chardonnay (Glass) $6.75
Canyon Road Chardonnay (Bottle) $19.00
Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio (Glass) $7.75
Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio (Bottle) $22.00

Red Wines Menu

Canyon Road Pinot Noir (Glass) $6.75
Canyon Road Pinot Noir (Bottle) $19.00
Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon (Glass) $7.75
Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon (Bottle) $22.00

Domestic Beers Menu

Budweiser $3.95
Bud Light $3.95
Coors Light $3.95
Michelob Ultra $3.95
Miller Lite $3.95
O’ Doul’s N/A $3.95

Premium Beers Menu

Corona Extra or Light $4.75
Dos XX Ambar $4.75
Dos XX Lager $4.75
Modelo Especial $4.75
Negra Modelo $4.75
Pacifico $4.75
Shiner Bock $4.75
Tecate $4.75

Texas-Sized Drinks Menu

The King’s Punch (18 oz.) $9.69
Chuy’s Brew (18 oz.) $8.99
GrandPA’s Brew (18 oz.) $10.49

Chuy’s Menu Prices: Chuy’s has come quite a distance since 1982. As we mentioned Chuy’s was founded in Texas. Mike and John joined forces along with Jose Cuervo who became their decorator. Creativity was a key factor due to the lack of money. Additionally, they had to design an identity with a distinct look and could be recognized from everywhere.

Inadequacy of funding was not a problem in the opposite it was an amazing chance to create an innovative and unique branding. This is the reason they thought of the idea of a wooden swimming fish suspended hanging from the ceiling. Also, that there is an Elvis memorial and the hubcaps that are hanging over your booth.

Chuy’s Menu Prices

Chuy’s serves a variety of beverages and food choices on its menu. Its appetizers include Guacamole, Panchos, quesadillas, Queso Compuesto, Deluxe Quesadillas just to mention a few. 

Each dish is distinctive in its own way and is made with ingredients like Ranchero sauce melting cheese, seasoned ground sirloin, chilies green, and onions, making them excellent quality and delicious.

There’s also a wide variety of salads that are part of Tex-Mex that include Grilled Chicken Salad, Mexico-Cobb Salad, Large Dinner Salad, Tortilla Soup, and Taco Salad. 

Home-made sauces are another significant component of Chuy’s, ranging from Hatch Green Chile Sauce to mild Tomatillo sauce. In the restaurant, they are made by hand and in small quantities to ensure that fresh sauces are readily available.

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