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Captain Ds Menu: Captain D’s is renowned for its seafood and the beachy look of its design. The restaurants are family-friendly and are an ideal place to enjoy amazing seafood. If you ever visit, ensure you are checking the menu for the latest updates.

Captain D’s is a wonderful spot to enjoy seafood. Their menu offers seafood dishes dinners, chicken and family meals, as well as grilled meals snacks, desserts, appetizers, and drinks. The meals aren’t costly and meals can cost just $10.

Captain Ds Menu

This was a quick review of their menu. We’ll now look over their complete menu, nutrition facts on the menu items, their contact info as well as franchise information, and social media handles. Before we look at the menu, it is important to know their history first.

Captain D’s is an American chain of seafood restaurants that was established by the late Raymond L. Danner Sr.on 15 August 1969. The original name was Mr. D’s Seafood and Hamburgers. In 1974, however, its title was changed from Mr. D’s Seafood and Hamburgers to Captain D’s.


Captain Ds Seafood Meals Menu

Batter-Dipped Fish 2 Pc. $6.39
Batter-Dipped Fish 3 Pc. $7.39
Batter-Dipped Fish 4 Pc. $8.29
Deluxe Seafood Platter $8.69
2 Pc. Batter Dipped Fish & 6 Pc. Butterfly Shrimp $7.49
Catfish 2 Pc. $6.99
Catfish Feast $8.99
White Fish, 4 Pc. Shrimp, & Crab Meal $7.49
Butterfly Shrimp 15 Pc. $6.49
Supreme Sampler $8.29

Captain Ds Chicken Meals Menu

2 Pc. Batter Dipped Fish & 2 Pc. Chicken $7.79
Chicken 4 Pc. $7.19

Captain Ds Seafood Specials Menu

Ultimate Seafood Platter $8.99
Fish & Popcorn Shrimp Meal $6.99
Creamy Shrimp Scampi Meal $6.99

Captain Ds Family Meals Menu

Seafood Feast (12 Batter Dipped Fish, 12 Butterfly Shrimp, 3 Seafood Stuffed Crab Shells) $25.99
Battered Dipped Fish 10 Pc. $19.99
Chicken Tenders 14 Pc. $19.99
Fish Tenders & Chicken Tenders $21.99
Family Style Side $3.79
Premium Family Style Side $4.99

Captain Ds Grilled Meals Menu

Surf & Turf $7.99
Blackened Tilapia $7.99
Shrimp Skewers $7.99
Grilled White Fish & Shrimp Skewer $8.29
Wild Alaskan Salmon $7.99
Lemon Pepper White Fish $6.49

Limited Time $4.99 Full Meal Deals

Southern-Style Fish Tenders $4.99
Nashville Hot Fish $4.99
Butterfly Shrimp 12 Pc. $4.99
The Sampler $4.99

Captain Ds Kid’s Meals Menu

Battered Dipped Fish $3.99
Fish Tenders $3.99
Grilled Fish Tenders $3.99
Popcorn Shrimp $3.99
Chicken Tenders $3.99

Captain Ds Salads & Sandwiches Menu

Wild Alaskan Salmon Salad $7.29
Shrimp Skewer Salad $7.29
Chicken Salad (Crispy or Grilled) $7.29
Great Little Fish Sandwich & Fries $3.99
The Captain Sandwich $4.79
The Captain Sandwich & Fries $5.99

Captain Ds Extras Menu

Butterfly Shrimp 6 Pc. $2.49
Butterfly Shrimp 24 Pc. $3.99
Clam Strips $2.29
Mozzarella Sticks 8 Pc. $2.29
Jalapeño Poppers 10 Pc. $2.29
Batter Dipped Fish 1 Pc. $2.29
Batter Dipped Fish 2 Pc. $3.99
Chicken Tenders 2 Pc. $2.49
Chicken Tenders 4 Pc. $4.49
Shrimp Skewer $2.69
Grilled Steak Tips $3.49
Hush Puppies 6 Pc. $1.99
Great Little Fish Sandwich $1.99
Clam Strips & Butterfly Shrimp $3.99
Butterfly Shrimp (Limited Time) 12 Pc. $3.29
Shrimp, Cheese & Bacon Bites (Limited Time) 6 Pc. $3.29
Shrimp Jambalaya Soup (Limited Time) Regular $2.29
Shrimp Jambalaya Soup (Limited Time) Large $3.99

Captain Ds Desserts Menu

Funnel Cake Stix $1.99
Cheesecake $2.58
Cheesecake Strawberry Topping $0.29
Chocolate Cake $1.99
Georgia Pecan Pie (Limited Time) $1.99
Apple Pie Bites (Limited Time) $1.99

Captain Ds MenuSides

French Fries $1.79
Steamed Broccoli $1.79
Cole Slaw $1.79
Green Beans with Country Ham $1.79
Premium Side Salad $2.18
Premium Mac ‘n Cheese $2.18
Premium Corn on The Cob $2.18
Premium Breaded Okra $2.18
Premium Baked Potato $2.18
Premium Loaded Baked Potato $2.78

Captain Ds Drinks Menu

Soft Drink Small $1.79
Soft Drink Medium $1.99
Soft Drink Large $2.19
Bottled Water $1.69
Gallon D’s Tea $3.29

We have included the Captain Ds Menu breakfast menu prices and the Captain Ds menu for meals prices the Captain Ds Catering menu prices are included in the table that you should consider prior to going to a restaurant, or place an order online.

However. It is recommended to visit the official Captain Ds Menu website for the menu for an exact cost.

Find the most up-to-date and current Captain Ds menu prices and then compare it to our menu prices as restaurants could change their prices at any moment therefore there might be slight variations in prices that are listed here. The actual price is also listed.

About Captain Ds Menu:

Captain D’s is a fast-casual restaurant chain. It is known for its specialties in seafood, fish and chips, and other fish. The classic menu includes 2 pieces of batter-dipped, battered fish as well as the catfish feast. 

Also, it is a popular choice by those who prefer a low-carbohydrate menu including shrimp skewers in the category of seafood as well as the coleslaw menu included in the side dishes.

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Captain D’s Contact Details

Captain D’s Head Office Address: 624 Grassmere Park Drive, Suite 30, Nashville, Tennessee 37211

Captain D’s Phone Number: 800-314-4819

You can also contact the team of Captain D’s by using the contact form on their website.

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