Bruegger’s Menu Prices 2022 Bruegger’s Menu 2022

Bruegger’s Menu Prices: Do you have family members or friends’ guests showed unexpectedly at your home and you’d like to get food for them at a reasonable cost and still delicious, then you can look up the Bruegger’s bagels menu price list and place your order according to? You can even find the secret menu prices of Bruegger’s Bagels here.

If you’re at your workplace and you want to order food, you can go and look up the Bruegger’s Bagels price list for the menu at your desk, and order quickly the food you’re in search of.

Bruegger’s Menu Prices

Here are the specifics of every food item from appetizers to desserts that you want to look over as well as compare the easy and delicious food you can make on yourself in any location.

Here you can view the latest price list for Bruegger’s Bagels’ menu updated list. If you’re looking to learn the price list of Bruegger’s Bagels menu prices prior to going to the restaurant or making a purchase online it is easy to browse and look over the prices on the Bruegger’s Bagels menu prices here. Here are your top food items.

It is important to be aware of the most current cost of food such as burgers and salad, soup and beverages, chicken, and more.

On this website, we will provide you with the latest menu prices for restaurants with the latest updates. For example, you can see below Bruegger’s Bagels menu prices


Bruegger’s Deli Sandwiches Menu

Turkey on Bagel $5.39
Turkey on Bread $5.99
Ham on Bagel $5.39
Ham on Bread $5.99
Pastrami on Bagel $5.99
Pastrami on Bread $6.99
Chicken Breast on Bagel $5.99
Chicken Breast on Bread $6.59
BLT on Bagel $5.39
BLT on Bread $5.99
Egg Salad on Bagel $5.39
Egg Salad on Bread $5.99
Tuna Salad on Bagel $5.39
Tuna Salad on Bread $5.99
Garden Veggie on Bagel $4.99
Garden Veggie on Bread $5.59
Add Cheese $0.50

Bruegger’s Soups Menu

Bruegger’s Soups Menu

Daily Selections Cup $3.49
Daily Selections Bowl $4.79

Bruegger’s Salads Menu

Pastrami Cobb $6.99
Blue Apple Salad $6.99
Chicken Caesar Salad $6.99
Built Your Own Salad $6.99

Bruegger’s Signature Bagel Sandwiches Menu

Herby Turkey $6.39
Turkey Chipotle Club $6.99
Leonardo Da Veggie $5.89
Smoked Salmon $6.99
Classic Smoked Salmon with Egg Salad $6.99

Bruegger’s Burgers Menu

Bistro Burger $6.39
Barnyard Burger $6.99
Bacon & Blue Burger Melt $6.99

Bruegger’s Breakfast Sandwiches Menu

Bruegger’s Breakfast Sandwiches Menu

Egg and Cheese on a Bagel $3.79
Egg and Cheese on a Bagel (with Bacon, Sausage, Turkey Sausage, or Ham) $4.29
Pastrami, Egg and Swiss $4.39
Sriracha Egg Sandwich $4.29
Western $4.49
Better Bacon Cheddar $4.59
Skinny Zesty Egg White $4.39
Classic Wrap $4.99
Smoked Salmon $6.99

Bruegger’s  Begin with a Bagel Menu

Bagel with Any Cream Cheese $2.59
Butter $1.59
Honey $1.59
Jelly $1.59
Peanut Butter $1.99
PB & J $2.69
Hummus $3.19

Bruegger’s Tubs To Go Menu

Bagel 1 Pc. $1.19
Bagels 3 Pc. $3.19
Bagels 6 Pc. $5.49
Bagels 12 Pc. $9.29
12 Bagels and 2 Tubs of Cream Cheese $13.99
6 Bagels and 1 Tub of Cream Cheese $8.29

Bruegger’s Coffee Menu

Bruegger’s Coffee Menu

House Blend, Dark Roast, House Decaf, or Hazelnut Small $1.99
House Blend, Dark Roast, House Decaf, or Hazelnut Regular $2.19
House Blend, Dark Roast, House Decaf, or Hazelnut Large $2.39
Mug Refills $1.59
Iced Coffee Small $1.99
Iced Coffee Regular $2.19
Iced Coffee Large $2.39
Coffee 96 oz. $15.99

Bruegger’s Hot & Cold Drinks Menu

Hot Chocolate Small $1.99
Hot Chocolate Regular $2.29
Hot Chocolate Large $2.49
Chai Tea Small $1.89
Chai Tea Regular $1.99
Chai Tea Large $2.29
Hot Tea Regular $1.79
Soft Drink Small $1.99
Soft Drink Regular $2.29
Soft Drink Large $2.39
Iced Tea Small $1.99
Iced Tea Regular $2.19
Iced Tea Large $2.39

Bruegger’s Espresso Menu

Bruegger’s Espresso Menu


Espresso Single $1.79
Espresso Double $2.09
Cappuccino Small $2.49
Cappuccino Regular $3.29
Cappuccino Large $3.49
Cafe Latte Small $2.49
Cafe Latte Regular $3.29
Cafe Latte Large $3.49
Cafe Mocha Small $2.89
Cafe Mocha Regular $3.69
Cafe Mocha Large $3.89
Caramel Macchiato Small $3.09
Caramel Macchiato Regular $3.79
Caramel Macchiato Large $4.09
Iced Cafe Latte Small $1.79
Iced Cafe Latte Regular $2.19
Iced Cafe Latte Large $2.59
Iced Flavored Latte Small $2.29
Iced Flavored Latte Regular $2.69
Iced Flavored Latte Large $3.09
Extra Espresso Shot or Flavored Syrup $0.50

Bruegger’s Menu Prices: The Bruegger’s Bagels menu offers bagels, soups, fresh garden salads, coffee blends custom-roasted sandwich fillings, and desserts. The bakery has earned its name thanks to its iconic New York-style bagels.

There are more than 20 kinds of bagels that include asiago parmesan and pumpernickel, cinnamon sugar, sundried tomatoes, orange citrus, and numerous others. There is also a broad selection of cream cheeses that are flavored to pick from. These include bacon scallion, onions, and chili, strawberries, and jalapeno.

Their bagels are cooked in water, then baked fresh and served hot. They also offer around 17 different seasonal bread flavors. The average bagel cost is $1-3 and their sandwich is between $3 and $6, that’s pretty reasonable. They also have competent staff who will be waiting for you each occasion you go to the shop.

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