Ben & Jerry’s Menu & Prices Latest Ben and Jerry’s Menu 2022

Ben & Jerry’s Menu: Get the most recent Ben & Jerry’s price lists updated in 2021. Ben and Jerry’s menu of secret ingredients, including breakfast menu for catering, lunch menu, soup chicken, salad.

Ben and Jerry’s Menu Prices 2021 Latest Ben and Jerry’s Menu

The company was established through Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield Two Jewish men who were close friends since childhood living in Merrick, New York. While Greenfield graduated from college but was not able to get to medical school. Cohen quit school. 

Ben & Jerry’s Menu: The year 1977 was the first time Cohen along with Greenfield completed an online course in the making of ice cream at the creamery at Pennsylvania State University. Cohen suffers from severe anosmia which means he has no sense of smell, consequently is dependent on texture and mouthfeel to spice up his diet. 

This resulted in the famous chunks of the company being mixed into their Ice cream. On May 5th, 1978 with a capital investment of $12,000 (equivalent to $48,000 by the year 2020), Cohen and Greenfield created an ice cream store located in a gas station that had been renovated located in downtown Burlington, Vermont. 

The year 1979 was the year they celebrated their milestone by holding an inaugural “free cone day”, which is now a regular event in every Ben and Jerry’s location. Ben & Jerry’s Menu

Ben and Jerry’s Cups & Cones Menu & Prices

In the year 1980, Cohen and Greenfield rented the space of an old spool and bobbin machine in South Champlain Street in Burlington and began packaging their ice cream into pints. First Ben & Jerry’s franchise opened in 1981 on Route 7 located in Shelburne, Vermont. 

Ben & Jerry’s Menu: The year 1983 saw the first time that Ben and Jerry’s ice cream was used to create “the world’s largest ice cream sundae” in St. Albans, Vermont, and weighed 27102 pounds (12,293 kg). The identical year, cows that were on their containers were changed with the help of local artist Woody Jackson.

The year 1984 was the time Haagen-Dazs was seeking to restrict distribution for Ben & Jerry’s in Boston and prompted Ben & Jerry’s to file suit against its owner of the company Pillsbury as part of the “What’s the Doughboy Afraid Of?” campaign. 

The year 1987 was the time Haagen-Dazs attempted to make exclusive distribution mandatory, and Ben & Jerry’s filed its second suit with the Pillsbury Company.


Ben and Jerry’s Cups & Cones Menu & Prices

Cup or Cone Small $3.99
Cup or Cone Large $4.99

Ben and Jerry’s Add Ons Menu & Prices

Dipped Sugar Cone $0.59
Waffle Cone $0.99
Chocolate Dipped Waffle $1.49

Ben and Jerry’s Toppings Menu & Prices

Ben and Jerry’s Toppings Menu & Prices

Rainbow Sprinkles $0.29
Chocolate Jimmies $0.29
Hot Fudge/Caramel $0.59
Whipped Cream $0.29
Waffle Cone Pieces $0.29
Nuts $0.59
Chocolate Syrup $0.29
Strawberry Sauce $0.29
Fruit $0.59
Candy $0.59
Brownie Chunks $0.29
Cookie Chunks $0.29

Ben and Jerry’s Sundaes Menu & Prices

Core Sundae $5.49
Hot Fudge Sundae $5.19
Brownie Special $5.99
Cookie Cookie Sundae $5.99
Banana Fudge Royal $6.19
Waffle Bowl Sundae $6.19
Banana Split $6.49
Vermonter Sundae $39.99

Ben and Jerry’s To Go Menu & Prices

Hand-Picked Pint $5.49
Hand-Picked Quart $9.49
Prepacked Pint $5.49

Ben and Jerry’s Beverages Menu & Prices

Smoothie $5.29
Shake $5.29
Malt $5.29
Root Beer Float $5.29
Water Bottle $1.00
Soda $1.00

Ben and Jerry’s Cakes Menu & Prices

Ben and Jerry’s Cakes Menu & Prices

Cake Small $22.99
Cake Medium $32.99
Cake Large $42.99
Cake Sheet $47.99

Ben and Jerry’s Bakery Menu & Prices

Cookies $1.19
Brownies $1.69

Ben & Jerry’s is an American food chain established in 1978 by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield in the year 1978. Its first location of Ben & Jerry’s was opened in Burlington, Vermont. The company was acquired by Unilever on August 20, 2000. Ben and Jerry’s is known for its many desserts such as Ice cream, sundaes, and shakes.

Ben & Jerry's

Ben and Jerry’s is known for its variety of desserts such as Ice cream, sundaes shakes, and pints. The most loved desserts available from their store are less than $15.00.

If you’re looking for the Ben & Jerry’s menu prices over the web, then this site is the best location for you. In this post, I’ll look at the latest Ben and Jerry’s menu along with prices.

In addition to the menu, I’ll give you the information about the Franchising Process as well as the Information on Contact Information and Nutritional description of the products that are within Ben & Jerry’s menu. Ben & Jerry’s menu.

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Ben & Jerry’s Office Address– Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, Inc., 30 Community Drive, South Burlington, VT 05403.

Ben & Jerry’s Office Contact Number– 802-846-1500

You can also contact the team of Ben & Jerry’s by using the contact form on their website.

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